Months ago I made a post about the Oculus Rift and how I was excited about the consumer product.

My plan was to wait for that to come out next year before I started researching the other haptics but it turns out this was a mistake because this stuff is being made right now!

This is the Virtuix Omni and it’s freaking amazing!

The Virtuix Omni 02

I thought to get this kind of immersion you would need to map your whole living room or use a 100 grand super treadmill like in Ready Player One, but these guys figured out a consumer level on that just blows my mind!

This setup is has been possible for a while but without the tracking headset it wasn’t of any real use.

Now that the puzzle has been solved the kinect is suddenly a very useful device.

I missed the kickstarter for this by only a few weeks and I am super bummed about that because it’s going to cost me more and take longer to get a hold of it now, but when I do man it’s going to be bad ass!