On Thursday I went over to my buddy Mappy’s to watch the Vampire Diaries.

I had never heard of this show before, and didn’t much care for it but luckily neither did Map or his friends, we were watching it because they were in it!

See the bury guys in the foreground? That’s them, how cool is that? There were about 8 of Mappy’s friends in this scene, I would have taken a picture of the party but it was too dark to do so.

Turns out that this show is filmed here in Atlanta so not only did I meet some new people I made some contacts that might get me a blurry role on a teen vampire drama too.

I’ve always wanted to be a professional extra, seems like a cool thing to be.

——- UPDATE ——-

Per Mappy’s comment: “The one we got really exited for! Agreed, the show was horrible but playing Wheres Waldo that night was so much fun!”