Today’s story is much less complete then God of Madness. It was an idea I had while I was still in the Air Force and my friend Elvin and I collaborated on it a bit. What I’ve included here is just some of the ideas we had for it, re-written a tad but the overall idea is still the same. There are a few elements I haven’t included and I only mention that so that you know there is a bit more to this universe then I’m sharing here.

The Pitch

There are places where the fabric of time is thin, places where time and space violently rip at each other spilling debits in its wake. Getting caught in one of these freak storms is dangerous and most of the time fatal, but if a person does manage to survive they could find themselves in any time, washed up like debris broken and out of place.

Time cannot be changed by will or by accident and there are people ready to do impossible things to stop it from happening.


Jason didn’t want to ever go back home, he and his father didn’t get along and he was happy living on the other side of the country far and away from that mess. When he heard the old man had a heart attack he didn’t feel much about it either way, the whole thing seemed unreal.

It was Jason’s mother that sent her younger son Al to get him. His father was not doing well and if they were ever to reconcile it would have to be now.

Al was one of the few people Jason would listen to and the brother’s head back across country in Jason’s car. It was the best compromise Al could do and if they were very lucky they would get back before it was too late.


The storm was like a tornado, grabbing them, ripping them, and tossing them into the air. It was shear luck itself that brought them to the other side, in 1985… to the small diner on the side of the highway where Jason Sr was working as a short order cook.

It was clear to both of them that things were very very wrong. Not only for Jason but for his father too. Jason Jr (he hates being called that) was due to be born in less then a year and his father was thousands of miles away from where he should be.

To top it off, the military has been brought in to lock down the area after the “tornado” and desperately want to question the boys from the future. On the run from the men in green. Jason, and Al have to make it across country, convince their father to come with them, and somehow make it back to their own time before time itself rips them apart.