Back in the mid 90’s I played a lot of Sega CD games and one of the better ones was Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective.

I enjoyed the slow paced, point and click adventure a lot so when I saw that a kind of spiritual successor had just come out I had gamefly send it to me.

The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes 01

The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes was exactly what I wanted it to be, with lots of puzzles and Holmesian mysteries.

I kept expecting some unneeded action sequence but it never arrived. I was saving all of England with my mind alone, and why that can risk being dull, is refreshing to see in a modern game.

Not everything has to be balls to the wall action, sometimes killing 50 dudes between crime scenes hurts credibility, you know?

So yea, if you can rent it and have a weekend to kill recommending it is simplicity itself.