blog about them, here’s quick the picture-rific rundown of yesterdays Disney World trip:

I went with my pals Brian and Millie

We got into spaceship earth, that’s the ride inside the Epcot ball. This is note worthy because they just redesigned the ride and it’s not suppose to be open for a few months, we got a sneak peak!

My camera can’t pick up much in the dark, but here’s a shot from the view screen attached to the cart I was sitting in.

after that I stopped by the bathroom,

I’m so glad this was here, I had forgotten how to wash my filthy body.

We hit the the haunted mansion next

Brian was pretty scared,

but we ended up surviving. They’ve done some awesome updates to the ride, so you should check it out next time you’re there.

We went to some other stuff too, like pirates, the test track, and mission space.

after mission space we had 5 minutes to get all the way across Disney for the days last candle light processional with THE Edward James Olmos. In order to make it we had to start going double time and running. We make it to a line that says “candle light standby” after a few minutes they start letting us in and I get a nice seat close to the front. As soon as I sit down they introduce him, what timing!

I don’t have a good picture of it, here’s the best I can do

Eddie’s in the middle, and I know he seems far away, but he was pretty damn close, and was a GOOD reader. totally awesome.

after that, it was time to close the park, but I got into two rides on my way out,

honey, I shrunk the audience,

and figment!

both of these rides star Eric Idle, and both are connected in an interesting way, it was pretty cool.

Before I went, I was told the castle upgrades were great, at first I thought it was pretty but I didn’t think it was that noteworthy.

until nightfall, man what an spectacle!

and that was pretty much my trip, the weather was great, and I just just an awesome time.

Special thanks to Amy for letting us in the park, I have to do something nice for her soon!