When I started doing VR meetups I realized a normal wireless keyboard and mouse was awkward and needed improvements.

I really need to keep my hands free, but also have the inputs near, so I built a power gauntlet.


It’s so bad!

Your eyes do not deceive you by the way, I sacrificed an NES Power Glove to the cause.


The controller section of the power glove was the only thing I knew of that had the perfect shape for my arm. Plus I already had one from a while back that was ready to go.

Some of you may be asking why I didn’t leave the glove part on. Two reasons,

1. I want it for my left arm
2. I build it for utility, not for showing off my retro cool.

If I left the glove on I’d get more questions about it then whatever app I would be running. This way it’s functional and a little more subdued.

Speaking of retro tech though, they weren’t playing around when they built things in the 80’s. All I had to do was tap some holes in the cheaper modern keyboard and I was good to go.


I added some rubber and felt to the arm-side for comfort and stability. Gabi sewed me some nylon for a stonger strap and bam!


The end result is small, light weight, with easy to press full sized buttons.

When I used it at our last VR meetup it was well received and functioned flawlessly.

It worked so well, I’m not sure why this isn’t already a product. I may look into making one that can be 3D printed in the future.

— Oh I almost forgot, this works IN VR too. You can see it in the vents of the HMD. I expect this to be pretty usefull when I have my Omni and Stem setup.