Today I showed off a picture of my priceless, autographed Plan 9 DVD…


…And Chris had no idea what I was talking about!

Don’t know plan 9?! But… but it’s the 9th plan! The 9th plan from outer fucking space! It stars Dudley Manlove! How could you not have heard of it?

The idea that people may not know this scifi classic honestly troubles me so it’s time for a primer!

The 4th film made by Edward D Wood Jr, this 1959 classic is known as the “citizen cane of bad movies” and it earns it’s title well. It is literally so bad it’s good. I don’t watch it to laugh at it, as much as I watch it to try to make since of the weird dialog.

He’s dead, murdered, and SOMEBODY’S responsible!

A few years back, legend films did the whole movie in color, it’s my favorite version of the movie for a lot of reasons, but mainly because it makes the alien uniforms look fantastic.

I WILL have a Dudley Manlove uniform, mark my words!

Tim Burton and Jonny Depp are fans of this movie too. In the early 90’s they made the film Ed Wood. Although the movie isn’t 100% accurate to Eds real life, it does a great job in showing Woods passion for movies.

The MST3K guys, under their new name rifftrax, have riffed on this movie twice. Once on the legend DVD and once on their site


I’m serious when I tell you that this is one of my all time favorite movies. If you’ve never seen it, you really should. I told Chris that he needs to come over and watch it at my place, and I open that invitation to you too. If you’ve never seen it and want to, leave a comment and we’ll set up a day….

Of course, since it’s public domain, you could watch it for free anytime you want. But what’s the fun in watching it alone?

And remember my friends, future events such as these, will effect you… in the future!