It’s been an interesting few years for Gabi and I.

While being freelance showmen we’ve been roadies, DJs, Gameshow hosts, Caterers and even actors.

We were in a handfull of movies filmed in 2010 – 2011 and the last of those came out this week.

Did you catch us?

Yup, we’re together in this one, and even better this scene is in every ad for this movie! That means that we’re a nationally syndicated couple! We were even featured in the opening ceremonies to the Olympics, how bad ass is that?!

Because of how it was shot I am in enough scenes to build a back story for these characters. I work at the pencil factory with the lead, I watch my kid play soccer pretty much every day, and I’m interested in local politics.

Our car is even featured in the film, so I know what the dude drives. That’s pretty cool.

Once the film comes out on DVD I’ll grab some screen shots of all our appearances, but I thought a blog now would be helpful for people who might go to see it.

I really need to do that for The Change Up, Contagion, Joyfull noise, and Vampire Diaries too…

Gah I’m so so busy!