After thoroughly enjoying Django Unchained I moved the Man With The Iron Fist to the top of my que.

This movie was made by The RZA with the blessing of Tarantino and the two films are simi related. Both of them feature freed slaves from the same time period and there were plans to have the two characters meet in passing but the schedules fell through.

But that’s why I moved it forward, the real question is was it good? Well… yea pretty much.


The universe the movie exist in is all kinds of fun and from frame one you could tell RZA really knew his Kung Fu stuff.

There was a wide range of characters with cool names and powers, with the only one lacking being Iron fist himself.

I’m not sure why RZA decided to act the way he did but it was way off and boring. What really surprised me was his acting in the promos for the movie. Where was that energy during filming?!

And despite how crazy everyone’s powers were, how he got the iron fists was just a tad too much. You have to pretty much ignore that part.

But if you like Kung Fu you’ll pretty much like this. I highly recommend watching the deleted scenes and special features before the actual film cus there was stuff cut worth knowing going in.