I have a really cool ipod setup in my car. It has a back-lit screen and my gear shift is the controls

The problem is that the controller wasn’t designed for the stress of shifting gears all day and it finally broke off. I drove around that way for about a week, then I finally J.B. Welded it back into place.

The cool part about JB weld is that now that its there, it aint ever coming off, but the bad part is that now that it’s there, it aint ever coming off.

The controller is just a fraction of an inch tilted and it will now forever be that way. The car is running better now that I don’t have to baby the shift, but it will never have the polish it did when it was new. You’ll only know it’s messed up if I tell you, so unless I do something stupid like blog about it no one will ever be the wiser.

Although it doesn’t look quite as nice, it still beats the frak out of every other system out there and I’m proud of that. For reasons I don’t understand, most people will never think of modding a product to do what they want it to. I don’t think it’s lack of imagination, it’s more like people take manufactured products at face value just a little too much.

The next time you get a little black box you like but could be better, don’t be afraid to MAKE IT better. When Ripley needed a machine gun AND a flame thrower, she didn’t wait for Weyland-Yutani to release a new version, she duct taped that bitch together herself!