This month starts the last of the web development courses I have to take. Overall, I’ve been happy with what I’ve learned. I still copy and paste code, but now I understand what it all means, it’s no longer guess work, and that is going to become very useful in my future.

That being said there are some little things that bug me.

For 3 of the 5 months I’ve been doing this, We were allowed to access any code we wanted to do the final and practical exams. This makes total since because when we are out in the feild, getting simpler code to base our work off of is going to be the norm.

But two of the classes (flash 1 and PHP) seem to think that I should fully memorize lines of code in order to pass. they allow me two index cards to write notes on while I take my test, and that’s where I have issue.

1. This code is case sensitive, and my handwriting is not the best. I won’t be able to write in all lowercase letters on an index card to be able to use the notes I make.
2. when would I not have access to base code for just plain syntax purposes? if I don’t have the simplest stuff, I don’t have a computer and at that point wouldn’t need to be hand coding anything in the first place.

I’m grumpy about it because I know for sure I learned more in the other two “copy and paste is ok” classes. doing it by hand is the kind of stupid stuff that ordinary schools use to prove you can memorize what you see in a book.

I’m glad I don’t go to one of those.