For this months video project I am doing an opening ad for the pop rocks jam session.  The idea is that we start out as normal guys playing rock band, but soon it gets more and more fantastic until we are playing on a stage.

A few hours ago I was going to clean up the test pictures and show you how we would transform into rock gods, but for some reason I just couldn’t stop tweaking it and I ended up making a desktop instead.


I know this isn’t my best work,  but it was never suppose to get this out of hand in the first place. I don’t think it would have grabbed my attention as much as it did if I had a picture of James posing the same way we are in the background. 

I became obsessed with trying to get all four of us onto one picture, but I just didn’t have one of James from head to toe. He didn’t know we were taking test pictures and only brought the jacket for comparison with ours, so the only pictures I have of him are when we were framing shots and getting pics for the story boards. (Ill show those to you soon)

What I came up with works out just fine because he’s the lead singer of the virtual band, and main host of the actual event. Still, I’ll be sure to grab pictures of all of us in full costume at the official filming. That way we have them all for next years print ad.

I have other things I need to get done, and I was kicking myself for spending so long on this. After I finally got us all to behave, I brought it into illustrator and got fixated with making a decent Metal logo. I kicked myself even harder as I spent another few hours making it. You can see it in the above pic, but I liked it enough to export it out on it’s own.


None of it is perfect, but hopefully my urge to make fan art of my own fake band as played itself out now. I’m mad at myself for doing it, but I have to admit, I do dig it. I hope the other members of the band will get a kick out of it too.  I seriously doubt they’re expecting anything like this in today’s post.