Gabi has an original iPhone, the screen is cracked and it only works for 5 minutes at a time before it reboots so it’s time to get a new one.

NO not for her, for me!

When I originally bought that iphone 3 years ago I did because I wanted to be able to take better pictures for my blog, a plan that worked great btw.

About a year and a half ago I cracked the screen on it and replaced it with the 3g. Gabi didn’t mind the crack so she started using it and it’s been great for both of us.

With iphone 4 being able to take HD video it’s something I would find super useful so history is repeating itself and it’s time for me to upgrade and hand my current phone to her. Luckily the one I have works great, even if I did get it wet and kill a few pixels… she’s ok with it I swear!

We had heard that the phone was sold out everywhere but when we called the apple store to check there was no answer for over an hour of waiting. Since we’ve been in the house for days we decided to go ahead and go to the store to check.

I realized this would be a good experiment so I dressed up my most hipstery to see if I would get better service.

It was pointed out that I could have worn an ironic Tshirt, but I figured that was for the younger set, older hipsters wear black tee’s like Steve jobs or iMan.

We ended up going to the mall on a weekday and it was relatively slow, so I can say for sure that I got usable results…

I was completely ignored, as in invisible. Much like Clark Kent, my fake nerd glasses acted like a cloaking device and they couldn’t even see me even though I’ve had no problems getting questions answered quickly in the past.

It turns out every store in town was sold out of the phone, but it was still worth the trip to get out of the house. I ordered it online and it should ship in 3 weeks, just in time for AFO so for the first year I can get some good footage no matter what show I’m running.

Next time I go to the apple store I’ll take some advice I was given and try for the 3 piece business suit guy, maybe if I look like I can spend the money I’ll get better service.

I’ll be surprised if that works though, hipsters hate rich guys don’t they?