Have you ever heard of Glycerin?

It’s a common substance that is in all kinds of products like soap, lotions, and bombs.

I need it for something I doing on Lucidity, but because I haven’t filmed it yet I can’t tell you what. (the crew reads these posts sometimes.)

Since I can’t tell you about that, the point of today’s post is to talk about how I got a bottle.

africare Glycerin

At the recommendation of some friends, I eventually found some at a beauty supply shop but that was after a full week of searching.

I don’t mean I couldn’t find a store that carries it, I found 7. I mean none of those stores had any in stock at that moment.

One store said I just missed the last bottle half an hour after they opened that day and when I called my local CVS they said I was the second person to ask that hour.

To be clear, this isn’t a product that sells out normally, it usually stays in stock with six bottles per store (I asked the stock department of several stores)

But somehow every bottle in my town was sold out… What the hell are people using it for?!

Well I guess that’s not a fair question until I let you in what my deal…

I will as soon as I can, and I expect to see other Atlanta blogs fessing up in short order!