I talked about passing through New York, but I didn’t get to check the city out until a few weeks into my stay in Poughkeepsie.

I decided to play a bit of NYC Bingo, there was a crowded subway.


Famous buildings

I even saw a real pimp (but not verified hos)


But of course the main thing to go see is the GhostBusters firehouse!


There are lots of sites that talk about Hook and Ladder Number 8, and I don’t have much to add other then it was exactly as advertised.

There is the collecting of melted phones from all eras.


And the sign used for ghostbuseters 2


At some point they painted their logo on the sidewalk.


I wasn’t the only one doing the pilgrimage that day, another man from France was there the same time I was and took a pic for me.


The guy’s in the firehouse were a little tired of the 30 year old movie thing, but I couldn’t blame them for that.

I got my picture and spent the rest of the night tooling around the city. I have to say I was surprised by the friendliness of it and how much it was like other places I’ve been.

It’s bigger sure, but the way they do things in New York is similar to the way they do it here in Atlanta and that made me pretty proud of my city.

New York is a nice place to visit, but I’m glad I’m here in the ATL.