I beat the main mission in fallout and now I’m playing around with the thousand side quests it has.  last night I looked at the internal clock and found it was my birthday!


I thought this was interesting enough to post about for a few reasons.

1. that’s 10 26 2277,  300 years from the day (and damn near hour) I was born. I now know that it will be a Friday.

2. the clock uses two digit signifier just like every century does.  clearly we’re the only century that matters, right?

3. it reminds me that I’m not immortal!  Some people in the game are over 200 years old, but no one is 300, even in the game I wouldn’t live to see that clock myself.

Although I could see this as a negative thing, it seems overall positive.  I mean I may not be around, and the world may be a mostly radioactive wasteland, but you know what?  people are still around, even in the worse case scenario the world moves on, and I think that’s encouraging.