The Essentials is a review of all eras of doctor who from beginning to present. A new post will go live every week and you can see them all here.

Wacko Says:

Doctor Who: American Style!

In 1996 Dr Who was a TV movie / backdoor pilot to try the bring the series back. Unfortunately this didn’t happen but that didn’t seem to hurt Paul McGann’s run. For almost 10 years he kept the series alive with audio plays and comics.

I happen to be a fan of the audio plays, and you can check them out here, but we know a lot about this incarnation based on his one televised episode. He was kind hearted and found wonder in everything. He enjoyed life and the small things that make humans unique.

He seemed to posses more psychic powers then his predecessors, often giving people hints at their futures. He was prone to yelling out in times of stress, and had the BEST. TARDIS. EVER.

While all of the doctors were inspirational to the new series, this era might have had the most impact on format, sets, and characters. It was clear that the current show producers saw a lot of potental in it, so much so that they actually reference this adventure quite a few times in the new series run.

A good thing too, because it could have easily fallen into non-cannon and the sparked the last great nerd war.

John Says:

Essential Episodes

The Paul McGann Era 1996-2004~

The Enemy Within (aka The TV Movie): The Seventh Doctor was transporting the remains of his enemy The Master back to Gallifrey when the TARDIS is forced to make an emergency landing on earth in 1999. The Doctor is wounded in a hail of gang gunfire and dies one the operating table. The Doctor regenerates later that night while the remains of The Master find a new host. With a new body, The Master intends to steal the rest of The Doctor’s regenerations.

This was a TV Movie produced in America by FOX with the intention of continuing the series but a lack of ratings killed it. Ratings in Britain however were favorable and continued to fuel the demand to resurrect the show in Britain. Then finally in 2005 Our wish was granted