The Essentials is a review of all eras of doctor who from beginning to present. A new post will go live every week and you can see them all here.

Wacko Says:

Beginning his career a more clownish figure, over time the 7th doctor became a darker secretive mastermind. Sometimes setting traps for villains hundreds of years in advance, this incarnation was a far departure from his more friendly past and often risked the lives and trust of his companions to make his plan come to fruition.

After Colin Bakers mishandled tenure, There was a lot of criticism on hiring Scottish born comedian Silvester McCoy. Fears that he would make the character too humorous were at first justified, which was the main decision to bring back the mystery that the original show possessed.

Sadly, this is where the show ended its original run after 26 years and wouldn’t be back again until 1996. During this time the concept of this manipulating doctor sparked the imagination and countless books and stories were told while we waited for him to come back to tv again. These stories are very much part of why the 7th is so well remembered.

John Says:

Essential Episodes

Remembrance of the Daleks: The Doctor and Ace return to London in 1963 to recover an artefact from Gallifrey he left behind in his first incarnation, an artifact of immense power which lures not only one but two factions of Daleks. The Doctor intended to use the artifact as a trap for the Daleks but could he be in over his head?

Silver Nemesis: What do The Doctor and Ace, A mad 17th century aristocrat, a Neo-Nazi, and The Cybermen have in common. They are all searching for a comet called Nemesis. A statue made of a metal capable of limitless destruction in the wrong hands.

The Curse of Fenric: The Doctor and Ace arrive on a military base in WWII where an archaeologist uncovers a secret hidden in Norse mythology. What he doesn’t know is that he has unlocked an ancient curse which sees the return of an enemy to which The Doctor had thwarted many years ago. An enemy whose curse has affected The Doctor and Ace’s destiny.

Survival: The Doctor returns Ace to Perivale where many of Ace’s old firends have disappeared, and for some reason stray cats are involved. The Doctor’s search leaves him and Ace stranded on the decaying planet of the Cheetah People whose influence leave Ace under their thrall, and are lorded over by The Master. (This was the final broadcast of the original series when the show was unceremoniously cancelled by the BBC)