The Essentials is a review of all eras of doctor who from beginning to present. A new post will go live every week and you can see them all here.

Wacko Says:

One look at the 6th doctor will tell you it’s the 80’s, the outfit chosen for Colin Baker encompassed the decade with its loud and mismatched colors.

The man himself was a totally different matter, tired of being young and friendly, he was loud and pompous in a grandiose Shakespearean way. Colin brought back the older know-it-all of his first incarnation, but not necessarily by choice.

Regenerating after being poisoned affected the doctors mind, sending him into a murderous rage for a short time before finally settling down into a more cantankerous nature. He was never quite as stable as he should have been.

Almost the exact opposite of the 4th doctor’s situation, I would be remiss to not mention the problems that were occurring behind the scenes. Throughout the abbreviated 2 years of his run story disagreements, low ratings, and a lower budget almost saw the doctors adventures end right here.

Of course, he’s my favorite.

John Says:

Essential Episodes

The Twin Dilemma: After attempting to kill Peri in a bout of post-regenerative insanity, the Doctor decides to become a hermit but upon arrival to a desolate asteroid called Titan 3 The Doctor uncovers an alien plot to kidnap earthling twins whose mathematical genius is falling into insidious hands.

Vengance on Varos: The TARDIS is on the verge of floating into oblivion until The Doctor materializes the TARDIS on Varos. A planet whose government is in turmoil and the people remain glued to their televisions watching reality shows featuring live tortures and executions.

The Mark of the Rani: The TARDIS is being pulled off course by The Master to Earth during the industrial revolution where another Rogue Time Lord named The Rani is there experimenting on humans turning them into restless madmen.

The Trial of a Time Lord~ The Doctor is put on trial by the Time Lords and the prosecutor name The Valeyard seems Hell-bent to have The Doctor’s head.

The Mysterious Planet: The Valeyard first piece of evidence. The Doctor and Peri are mystified by the Planet Ravalox and is frightening similarities to the planet Earth. A secret civilization is living underground and is ruled by a tyrannically methodical robot who is guarding secrets which in turn conceal secrets of their own.

Mindwarp: The Valeyard’s next piece of evidence recount The Doctor and Peri’s unpleasant run in with their enemy Sil on Thoros Beta, where wholly unethical experiments are taking place in order to transfer a tyrants’ consciousness into another body. (It appears that Peri’s mind is destroyed by the experiment, and ultimately assassinated.)

Terror of the Vervoids: The Doctor’s defense recounts and incident in his future where he and his companion Melanie are called upon the intergalactic liner Hyperion III where a murderer is on the loose, and he intends to control a new plant-like race. Unfortunately that race has other plans (Mel is introduced)

The Ultimate Foe~ The Doctor suspects The Valeyard is tampering with the evidence, a suspicion that is confirmed by The Master. With The Master comes revelations that could rock Gallifrey into total chaos. The Doctor must journey into the Matrix to face off against his ultimate foe…himself! (Mel continues her travels with The Doctor, The Master reveals the Peri is alive and is married to a warlord.)