The Essentials is a review of all eras of doctor who from beginning to present. A new post will go live every week and you can see them all here.

Wacko Says:

The 4th Doctor was known as “The Bohemian” and to me he actually defines the word. Random, slightly mad, and genius describe everything about him.

It’s interesting how every doctor’s personality seems to build on the last. Having been stranded in one time and place for so long, the new doctor loved to travel, and didn’t care much for going to the same place twice.

Of course, we also have to talk about how famous this version of him was. With his long scarf, floppy hat, big coat, crazy eyes and toothy grin; Tom Baker put Doctor Who in the international map and into the public consciousness.

For the first time people outside of Britain started turning in to new episodes, granted you still had to be pretty geeky to like the show, but until the relaunch when people heard Dr Who they thought Tom Baker. In a lot of ways you can say he was the David Tennant of his day.

John Says:

Essential Episodes

Robot: The Doctor barely has time to recover from his regeneration when the plans from a disintegrator gun are stolen by a massive robot who is being put to use by an underground society of renegade scientists devoted to total domination. (Harry Sullivan joins The Doctor.)

Genesis of the Daleks: The Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Harry are transported by the Time Lords to Skaro where The Doctor is commissioned by The Time Lords to interfere in the development of the Daleks. The Doctor finds himself face to face with Davros, the creator of the Daleks whose will to dominate dwarfs even that of his creation. (Davros is introduced)

The Hand of Fear: Sarah Jane narrowly survives being buried alive in an explosion but when she’s rescued she is obsessively clutching a stone hand and declaring that “Eldrad Must Live” (Sarah Jane is returned home when The Doctor is summoned back to Gallifrey)

The Deadly Assassin: Upon The Doctor’s return to Gallifrey, he becomes involved in a deadly conspiracy which could rock the society of Time Lords to their very foundations, and could mean the resurrection of The Doctor’s deadliest enemy. (The Master resurfaces horribly disfigured)

The Invisible Enemy: The Doctor is attacked by a malicious parasite, and his mind is gradually being overtaken. The Doctor takes the TARDIS to a clinic to see if they can kill the parasite. Unfortunately the paraiste has infected other staff members in the clinic, and is set to infect the entire universe. (K-9 joins the TARDIS crew.)

The Keeper of Traken: The Doctor recieves a warning that the ancient harmony of the planet Traken is in danger of being infected by an unseen evil. An evil who threatens the sacred position of Keeper. An evil who also threatens The Doctor. (Nyssa is introduced. The Master regenerates by stealing the body of Nyssa’s father Tremas.)

Logopolis: In an effort to repair the TARDIS’ faulty chameleon circuit, The Doctor and Adric head for Logopolis, a planet whose mathematical brilliance are a pivotal component to the fabric of the universe. This however doesn’t stop The Master from tampering with it to gain control. Realizing his mistake, The Master proposes an alliance with The Doctor. An alliance which The Doctor reluctantly accepts. (The Fourth Doctor regenerates.)