The Essentials is a review of all eras of doctor who from beginning to present. A new post will go live every Tuesday and you can see them all here.

Wacko Says:

Dr Who: International man of mystery!

Jon Pertwee was very much a man of his time; hip and suave but also surprisingly pro establishment… Although I bet he’d dislike me saying that.

After being forced to regenerate The Doctor found himself stranded on earth in the mid 20th century and signed up with the United Nations Intelligence Task-force, assisting them in fighting off all kinds of alien invaders using methods that were more then a little influenced by James Bond.

Flying cars and hidden gadgets a plenty, it was actually this show that inspired the look of Austin powers even more then the super spy that inspired them both.

The one thing to remember is that this version of the doctor didn’t mind kicking your ass if he needed to, and even the new ones rarely do that.

oh, and he was the one to first reverse the polarity of the neutron flow, every doctor since has done that at least once.

John Says:

Essential Episodes

Spearhead From Space
: a newly regenerated Doctor arrives in exile on Earth simultaneously with an arrival of meteorites containing the Nestene Consciousness, a malicious alien intelligence capable of animating anything made of plastic. (The Doctor joins U.N.I.T.)

Terror of the Autons: a remnant of the Nestene Consciousness is stolen by The Master. A renegade Time Lord and a former acquaintance of The Doctor’s, who has united with the Nestenes to obliterate the human race. (The Master is introduced)

The Three Doctors: A black hole appears out of nowhere and begins to drain all of the energy from Gallifrey. The Time Lords commission The Doctor for aid. Unable to send one of their own to aid The Doctor, the Time Lords break their first law to allow all three of The Doctor’s incarnations to fight back a threat which comes from a historical figure thought long since dead. (The Doctor’s exile is lifted, first multi-doctor team-up)

The Time Warrior: The Doctor is on the trail of some missing scientists. His search takes him deep into the Middle Ages where a Sontaran Soldier has set up shop in a castle and striking a bargain with the militant castle lord for his help in exchange for advanced weaponry. The Doctor sets out to prevent history from being altered, but he didn’t arrive alone. Sarah Jane Smith stows away in the TARDIS after infiltrating UNIT under the guise of her Aunt Lavinia. (Sara Jane’s introduction. The Sontarans are introduced. The Doctor’s home world is identified for the first time as “Gallifrey.”)

Planet of the Spiders: A blue crystal which The Doctor had taken from Metebelis 3 is being sought after by a race of Giant Spiders who seek the crystal to spread their will across the universe. (The Third Doctor regenerates after overexposure to radiation.)