The Essentials is a review of all eras of doctor who from beginning to present. A new post will go live every week and you can see them all here.

Wacko Says:

Silver haired and wise, the first doctor was exactly what we needed to start such a long lasting series. Mystery was the hallmark of his reign, there were no timelords, no gallifrey, and no regenerations. With him he was pure, an alien that had control over time and space and knew much more then you ever could.

The character starting off as old works perfectly into the idea that he ages backwards, getting younger as he gets older. Interestingly it also fits well that someone younger would try to be older and would make a crotchety pompous persona to make himself seem more experienced then he is. (of course living this regeneration without much danger means his body really was wearing out)

That the current doctors have more energy and confidence that experience brings creating a ret-con that fits perfectly.

John Says:

Essential Episodes

An Unearthly Child: The surprising intelligence of a teenage girl named Susan sparks the curiosity of her two school teachers Ian and Barbara. Their curiosity leads them to a junkyard where they find an old man known only as The Doctor who kidnaps them through time and space. Their first sto19p lands them into the year 100,000BC where two cavemen compete for leadership of their tribe by becoming the firemaker.

The Daleks: The TARDIS arrives on a planet contaminated with radiation left over from a nuclear war. The Doctor’s curiosity puts the crew at risk when he tricks them into exploring a metallic city where a malevolent race still wishes to reign supreme in their age old struggle with the Thals. (First Appearance of the Daleks)

The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The TARDIS arrives in London in the year 2164 only to find the city to be an abandoned wasteland. Much to the horror The Doctor and his crew it is discovered that the Daleks have arrived on Earth and have taken control. Separated, the TARDIS crew are forced to lead the survivors in a desperate bid to thwart the Daleks. (Susan becomes the first companion to leave)

The Time Meddler: The Doctor, Vicki, and stowaway Steven Taylor wind up in 1066. A time where the locals are terrified by the potential of attack by the Vikings. The Doctor winds up stumbling into the affairs of a Monk who seems to be quite knowledgeable in the affairs of the future. So much so that he intends to divert history for his own benefit. (The first time The Doctor meets another of his own kind.)

The Tenth Planet: The TARDIS arrives on an Arctic base in the 21st century where a mysterious planet appears from the dark recesses of space, and with it comes The Cybermen, it is their wish to convert the population into their collective. Ben and Polly find themselves on their own to quell this threat when The Doctor’s old age finally catches up with him. (First Appearance of the Cybermen. The First Doctor regenerates)