The Essentials is a review of all eras of doctor who from beginning to present. A new post will go live every week and you can see them all here.

Wacko Says:

cute, sexy and lick-the-mirror handsome!

The 10th doctor hit the ground running and never stopped. Leaving behind the survivors guilt of his previous incarnation, he now found himself ready to take on the universe again and inspire everyone he met to be better.

Known as ‘The Cool Doctor’ he defined geek sheik for the first decade of the century he was more apt to reference current pop culture, snog a companion or two, and drop by the places he liked more often.

Just like Tom Baker’s long scarf, David Tennant’s persona became THE Doctor to modern audiences all over the world. Through countless adventures he dashed the plans of anyone with evil in their hearts and didn’t think twice about. He was a man of ‘no second chances’ and made sure people knew it.

Of course being hip and cool does come with a price. As a good friend of mine put it “No one can be that popular and charismatic without being a little bit of a dick” and this version did suffer from a bit of hubris and vanity, often laughing and enjoying the adventure that he would have taken more seriously in the past, and twice delaying his regeneration when it was his time to go…

…but in the end it’s ok, we didn’t want him to go either.

John Says:

Essential Episodes

(please note that I trimmed down Johns list of essential episodes, even cutting out ones I really REALLY liked to give you the ones I think will hook you on the show, you can find his complete list here)

Tooth & Claw: An unexpected detour to Scotland in the year 1879 crosses The Doctor’s path with Queen Victoria. They follow her to the Torchwood Estate, where a trap has been set by clan of renegade monks who require the Queen to bring about “The Empire of the Wolf.”

Army of Ghosts/Doomsday: The Doctor and Rose return home to discover ghosts running rampant all over the world with no one panicking. The Doctor decides to trace the phenomena to Torchwood Tower (aka Canary Wharf) where scientists attempt to uncover the secrets hidden in a mysterious sphere which has appeared from the void. Unfortunately, Torchwood has inadvertly brought about a massive battle as two deadly armies cross over into our world and wage horrible war with the human race caught in the middle and casualties are inevitable…even for The Doctor and his friends… (Rose is narrowly saved from being expelled into the void by her Paralell Earth Dad but is now trapped there with her family never to see The Doctor again. After a teary and painfully brief farewell, The Doctor’s laments are abruptly interrupted by a surprise guest.)

Gridlock: The Doctor takes Martha to New Earth only to discover that the residents of New New York are trapped on a motorway in a perpetual traffic jam. It’s been decades since the people have seen the sunlight and the only thing they do know is that there is something dwelling in the motorway something big and hungry.

Blink: Sally Sparrow’s curiosity is peaked when she explores an old house and finds a warning for her from 1969 from a man called The Doctor. He warns her that she is in danger, and most importantly, not to blink.

The Sound of Drums: The Doctor, Martha, and Captain Jack narrowly make it back to 21st century Earth just in time for the inauguration of Prime Minister Harold Saxon…or as The Doctor knows him, The Master.

Time Crash: A technical fluke results in The Doctor being face to face with his Fifth incarnation. can they save the universe without driving each other crazy? (An 8 minute scene shot for Children in Need with Peter Davison reprising the role of The Fifth Doctor.)

The Fires of Pompeii: Donna first trip in the TARDIS takes her to Ancient Rome. To be more specific Pompeii on volcano day. Donna wishes to warn the population but The Doctor knows that this is meant to happen. What’s strange is that a coven of soothsayers seem to think otherwise. They predict and empire of Pompeii which could topple Rome itself.

The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End: The Earth is stolen and placed amongst other planets that have been stolen by a new Dalek Empire resurrected by their creator Davros. All of the Doctor’s friends (Captain Jack and Torchwood, Sarah Jane Smith and her son Luke, Martha Jones, Rose Tyler, Mickey, and Jackie) rally together to fight back against Davros, but it is prophecized that the most loyal companion will die. (In order to prevent Donna from going into complete neural meltdown, The Doctor is forced to take away Donna memories of her travels with The Doctor. She is returned to her family.)

The End of Time: The Doctor was warned that he will die, and that it will happen when he knocks four times. The Doctor also recieves another warning. That everyone in the universe are having the same nightmares of a sinister man from The Doctor’s past. The return of this man means more than The Doctor’s end. It also means the return of something far more powerful, and with them means the end of time itself. (The Doctor absorbs a lethal dose of radiation to save Donna’s grandfather Wilf. The Doctor delays the regeneration with enough time to say good bye to all those important to him. When he finally regenerates the energy damages the TARDIS and the New Doctor emerges to enjoy a crash landing.