Gabi and I have been out of the loop with major movies for a while, so I reactivated out netflix account so we could catch up.

One of the first discs to arrive was The Dark Knight Rises, the last film in the Nolan Trilogy.

Warning: Spoilers.


The movie was… ok.

I cut it a lot of slack because of how good The Dark Knight was but it had some problems.

I’m not talking about silly things like the ultimate prison or the weird bomb/reactor, that kind of stuff isn’t important to a character driven story.

There were parts I just didn’t buy from a character perspective, especially the villain.


I’m sorry to say it, but this is another variant of The Joker. I can’ help but think Heath was suppose to be back for this film.

Nolan didn’t want to do the steroid thing from the comics so instead he gave him a mask that can’t be removed… a mask with no hole in it that pumps a pain killer 24 hours a day?

I’ll give you that he had a speaker so he could be heard normally, but seriously, how does he eat?

In the end, it’s a great sequel to batman begins, but not good for The Dark Knight.

The theme of the Dark Knight was that order can win over chaos, but this is proven totally untrue here.

I’ll assume that the financial situation is way WAY worse in this universe then our own, because people jumped on this class warfare thing super fast.

So he was right and they ate each other, just like the Joker said they would.

Effectively, he won, and that makes the Dark Knight just a little less poignant.

The final Inception-like ending was also questionable only because this following sentence should never be true:

“Bruce Wayne gives up on Gotham City and is ok with criminals mugging people at theaters.”

I think you’ll agree that’s just a tad bit out of character, yea?