In the previous post, I talked about my custom PC cooling rig. I said there was a part I skipped, because I wanted to break it down on its own.

PC Liquid Cooling 01

See the grey and black thing with the nozzle? That’s my newly installed CoolCan

PC Liquid Cooling Cool Can 02

A Cool Can is what they call a similar device in car racing. It cools the fuel before it gets to the engine and that’s basically what it does here.

The main component is a copper tube usually used for refrigerator ice makers spooled inside a container I picked up from the electrical department of lowes.

PC Liquid Cooling Cool Can 01

Once I got it to be water tight, I was surprised to find my system was running cooler right away. It seems the copper tube acts as a second radiator so it’s an unexpected bonus.

But of course the point of this rig is to get extra cold for the rare times when I am pushing my system, and what better way then ice?

CoolCan With Ice

The water gets turned to room temperature with the radiator then passes through here to drop it even further.. how far?


This wasn’t even the best I got in last nights testing, I went down to 68.0 for a short time.

I still have to let it run for a while to make sure the system can handle the extra 15 feet of flow, but I have high hopes that I’ve made something excellent.

The only down side I have is that it doesn’t last every long. By my math the water is totally melted in 20 minutes meaning you’d have to refill it 4 times an hour to keep it at these levels.

But I built it with a nozzle for easy draining and have an ice maker so I have a feeling I’ll actually have fun using it.

My whole house runs hot in the summer, I’m really excited about what it can do come winter!