When Trey came over the other day to help me test Lucidity we exchanged some indie movie DVDs.

I lent him Ninja The Mission Force and Rampage and he lent me Red vs Blue and The Cinema Snob Movie


The Cinema Snob is a character played by Brad Jones.

Basically he reviews movies on the same standard as Citizen Cane if they were meant to be viewed that way or not.

This movie serves has the characters origin story.

I enjoyed the movie quite a bit, it was solidly made it had twists I didn’t expect.

They did a good job making the movie accessible to people that don’t know the character, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you like internet super stars or obscure low budget movies.

Or if you’re into show stealing hair.


My god, man, look at that mane!

I wish I could book that for my show.