I finished up my final day of bike class and passed the test. After I go to the DMV tomorrow I will legally be able to drive my bike on the streets.

I feel pretty good after taking the class, but I won’t feel completely confident until I’ve tried some city and interstate driving.

With the class competed I plan to put all of this training and bike talk to rest, but before I do, I want to take the time and thank Allen properly.

Not only was he kind enough to help me get the bike, he also gave me my first piece of gear AND came over and taught me the basics of how the bike works. Both of these things gave me a huge advantage compared to the other new riders.

So, thank you Allen, it means a lot to me that you went to this much trouble.

Now that it’s finished I can finally relax. I don’t have to be back in school in until January 6th so I plan to use this time to work on /practice with my bike and design and film episode one of the wheldon smiley show. Last year I had the same amount of time off, and I don’t think I used it effectively enough, hopefully this time I’ll do better.