At this year’s AZA I tried some new things in costuming.


I really wanted to see if it was possible to repeatedly do costume changes that showed off the cool effects we were capable of.


You would think just hiding the effect under a long sleeve would work, but it was hard to make something that wouldn’t rub off because of friction and sweat.

I had to add latex to keep the cloth off the paint so I shaved part of my arm.


At first the makeup crew didn’t like what I had in mind, they thought I should shave the whole forearm if I was going to do it, but I thought it added more realism this way.

I think the arm hair blends in with the paint and latex really well, what do you think?

atlanta zombie makeup 008

The arm was working great, but I wanted to push it even further. On the last night of AZA, they were kind enough to give me some extra effects.


These came out wonderful, in the final scene where the great old gods are waiting was really brought up a notch by them.


Most of the new effect was put on my back because that is how I would be facing the audience, I had to keep my whole right side clear because I end up on the ground at one point.


I consider this experiment to be a total success!

I learned a lot about what the audience expects, and what they are capable of seeing. With all the action going on around them, some of them NEVER noticed my arm and ripped up clothes the whole show!

This is why it ended up being so over the top, they couldn’t even tell I had a brand when we made it out of more realistic silicon.


I asked for an infinity logo because I didn’t want to hear “he been bit, he been bit, shot em!” all night and the logo really did help.

By sneaking around to places I shouldn’t be I had a lot of fun playing around with audience expectations too, so I hope to use both these techniques next year in whatever role I play.