I’m a big Star Trek fan as most people can guess, especially the next generation.

I’ve got props and costumes and even a Best of Both Worlds commemorative plate!

best of both worlds plate
Yes, it hangs out on my shelf of cool things along with Superboy, Fortune, and an autographed David Yost room key, what of it?

With this much Next Gen love you can imagine how excited I was when the remastered version of The Best of Both Worlds came to theaters.

The show was being simultaneously broadcast by Fathom Events, and I knew from past experience it was going to sell out so I bought my tickets two months in advance.

best of both worlds 01

It was fantastic to see it on a big screen with a like-minded audience, and brought back memories of how exciting it was back in 1989.

The episodes were cut to be like a film though, and I have to say it was not done as well as I would have liked.

For example, the they removed the famous “Mr Worf… FIRE” cliff hanger but kept in the fade to black for commercial breaks.

In a film version I would have liked to see a fast paced cut of the footage and added scenes from Sisco’s retreat from Wolf 359. They either should have dropped the pretense of a theatrical cut all together, or run with it totally it’s the middle ground that comes off a little lacking.

Other then that though, the presentation of the footage was great with interviews and a blooper reel before and after the show.

The screen I saw it on was pretty lacking but I don’t want that to be a factor here so I’ll save that strange story until tomorrow.

They are releasing this version as it’s own bluRay disk so I’d recommend renting it if you didn’t get the chance to see it in theaters.