I don’t know art but I know that I’m awesome

A long while back, I — wait you know what, I’ll tell you the story in a minute, we both know you’re going to scroll right down to the picture so I might as well show you first.

Behold the baddassery going on here

So about 10 months ago, I say to gabi, “You know, we need something gaudy on our walls, maybe a velvet Elvis or dogs playing poker.” Gabi agreed that it would be cool to have something like that, and we decided to keep our eyes open for it.

the next day woot was having a woot-off and for one hour they had the ability to have any picture put on a blanket for a surprisingly low price. I snatched it up, and a few days latter we got the kit to send back in for our awesome blanket. It took us no time at all to decide we needed to use this picture

Pic missing

This was taken by Allen just after the 2005 jacon Halloween party and Gabi ran a filter on it to make it look so neat. The problem was that the file had to be between 2 -3 megabytes for the resolution and this file was 300k. The whole pic would have to be redone, and that took quite a while to get around too.

But obviously it has arrived, and boy does it look neat on our walls! I already want to get another one made with Wheldon Smiley on it for next years AFO, I think that would be wicked cool.