This is the first menu I have made that has a moving background and a perfect loop on it.  After all the weeks I worked to encode this movie, I am surprised to learn that I liked doing it.  I am looking now to see if I can get a job in DVD making, even the not so interesting content would be cool to work on. I wanted to include the chapters too, but my capture card is down AGAIN so I may never get around to it.

The Wizzard’s 3D effect was well received and neat to have, but it didn’t work that well. There are three main reasons for that; quality, distance, and background. The video was captured here at home so the quality of the image was less then the original DVD. The 3D effect is too far apart, it should have been way more subtle by a factor of 10. The background needs to have a different 3d depth then the foreground to get the effect to work.

When I started the ninja turtle special edition I wanted to have a 3D sequence but only if I could solve those problems. I recorded it over at full sail and their gear gave me a huge quality boost. The movie itself gave me the perfect place to do the effect.


In the flashbacks, they use a lot of shadow to show how it’s all memory. Not only does the effect work well in the story, but also automatically separates the characters from the background. I still had go to every frame and cut out the character, but it was doable because it didn’t have to be perfect, the shapes used can be simple.

After everyone was cut out, I rendered a version with just them on it, then put the 3d effect on that layer. Using a blending mode that took away all the black from that frame I can lay it over top the original and whala! 3D!


Because anything that was black before is clear now, colors from the original pass through and give it a more natural look. Thanks to the super bowl I have more then enough glasses to show this movie a few times. So expect to see it sooner or later.


I’ve learned a lot in the the 8 months since I did The Wizard so I plan to fill this with a lot more content then I could have before. Not only will you see 3D and Jabba the hut, but there will be tons of cross referencing actors and other film footage too.