I haven’t made any videos and a while and a lot of that is because I’m tired of having to do all the green screen post production. I’ve had a plan to build a set to film random things on for almost a year and a half but haven’t gotten around to doing it.

Well no more I’ve decided to put all my free time into it and get this set going! I’ve already cleaned out a big space in the basement and now it’s finally time to get my TARDIS console painted and ready to use.

The painting I did yesterday, so now it’s finally time to take the plunge and add all the buttons and switches things like this need. I started taking pictures and putting them on twitter, but I think instead I’m going to start putting them here in one post as I go.

First Panel:

Second Panel:

Third Panel:

Fourth Panel:

Fifth Panel:

Sixth Panel:

Now obviously this is a work in progress and like the actual show I plan to add things later and give it more detail, but this is about as many doodads as each panel will get.

Alot of this stuff I’ve found downstairs so one of the things I’m trying to do is not buy a single item for this project. I even have the paint already in stock so the whole set should be done pretty quick now that I’ve decided to do so.

As I make each panel I’ll post a picture and link back here. Once this is done I’ll start the background set and I’ll create a new post for that.