During the winter Steam sale I picked up the entire Telltell collection of games. I had played some of them, but not as many as I wish I had.

It will take me a while to play everything so I decided to start with Tales of Monkey Island


I didn’t play a lot of adventure games as a kid, mainly because I didn’t know they existed. It wasn’t until Monkey Island: Special Edition that I got into the charm of the series.

I liked the whimsical way it presented itself, and how it turned the damsel in distress trope by having Elaine Marley be pretty much better at things then the hero, and it was a great touch that she wasn’t not very into him.

I was disappointed when I learned they eventually got married (in a game I have not played yet) This was not the intention of the original creators, but at least it was handled well.

This opinion changed when I played Tales. Not only are Elaine and Guybrush a power couple, but a new character is introduced that test this wonderfully.


The game had a lot of cool original characters like the Marquis De Singe, but Morgan Le Flay really stood out as a favorite.

I liked seeing Guybrush and her together, but I REALLY liked seeing his wife not having it.


The direction they went it in the final chapter was unexpected and fun.

This game is a few years old so if I’m lucky I’ll see another season of it sooner rather the later. (I love for it to be Mo vs Mark exclusively)