I haven’t been able to buy any new clothes for a while now and some of my stuff is starting to wear out. What was passing for motorcycle boots had to be duct taped during AZA, and my running shoes make my feet bleed. (no, seriously my Achilles get ripped apart every time)

Well I swung by the local goodwill today and found the perfect replacement shoes.

Why do I blog about it? Well this isn’t the first or even the second time I’ve done it so I thought why not? But mainly because these shoes are expensive!

I looked them up and they originally sold for 150 bucks, you can get them new right now for 80 and I got them for only 7 including tax.

That right there is a good deal!

They’re called Nike Shox and this set was designed with basketball in mind but work very well with running. I already tried them out today and it felt great… but frankly for the price they sell for they had better well work as advertised.

I don’t know if it’s just bad experience, but I’ve never come across a goodwill this nice before. I still need a few things like button up shirts, jeans, and boots. This store actually has gear I can use so I’m going there first from now on.