survivor-caramoan thumb

When I began working on Lucidity I knew I wanted some reality show aspects to bridge the gap between the live section and scripted parts, namely the confessionals.

Since I don’t watch a lot of rTV I did some research on the better ones, namely survivor.


I haven’t seen the show since the return of the first season cast for “Survivor All Stars” and I’m happy to say it’s still really good.

The current season is Caramoan, and it has a lot of fun twists and turns that are worth watching.

Surprisingly few confessionals though, so it doesn’t help me much with my research other then finding out that the method is a little out of style. (should still work well for me though)

I was going out of my way to see it on live TV, but I’ve realized just today shows them the same night for free.

So yea, if you want a study of psychology and strategy it’s a good series to watch.