I’ve been a little stressed lately.

I try not to put this stuff on the blog, but I have to get this out so I’m going to post it all at once, and make it super emo, that way you won’t have to see it any other day.

This months class is easy, but frustrating because the teacher is not making it clear what he wants from us. It’s a new class and he has no rubric set yet. After all the work I put into the last video I just don’t have the energy to figure out what he wants so that’s got me, like I said frustrated.

I’m also nearing the end of school (relatively speaking) and that means school loan bills will be upon me before I know it. I have little fear of getting a job, but it’s still stressful to think about, it’s getting close.

The plan is to move to Geogia to be closer to Gabi’s rents, but this is already becoming a problem. Her dad is weird about his stuff, and if he sees us “owing him one” for being in his extra house that creates a quality of life situation I can’t deal with.

My relationship with AFO is at an all time low, I’m feeling really taken for granted there because I do so much and get no respect for it. Still, AFO is family and I won’t go out in some dramatastic fight. I’m sure we can work it out.

Gabi’s car is dead as a door nail and getting a new one is proving to be problematic. I have to drive her to work everyday witch wouldn’t be so bad except she is fighting me tooth and nail on learning to drive my stick shift car so I don’t have to go across town all the time.

You have no idea how red lined it gets me to see her be so stubborn about something every driver should know. She’s being a female stereotype and I get upset about it every day. she’s even told me it’s my fault for owning a stick, not her fault for not being able to drive it. ggrrr

It bothers me even more to be mad at each other for so long, so I’m working hard to calm down and let it go. We’ll work through it, I have no doubt, this is a nation of drivers and cars are plentiful, if she won’t drive mine we can work it out.

If for some reason we can’t there’s always plan B:Get Gabi to drive my car (she is trying) and get a low cost motorcycle for myself.


ahh this plan again,I have to admit it’s tempting because I want one, but it’s also cheaper then any other choice by far.

I never told you guys but I was invited as a guest to Midwest Nerdfest. I was going to tell you once it was official, but unfortunately it was canceled


That’s a bummer to be sure, but here’s the good that comes with that bad, Richard Cheese is going to be performing in Orlando the same weekend the con was going to take place.


It’s possible he is headed back this way because I keep bugging him about it actually, so I’m excited I’ll be able to go again.

well there you go, as emo as I can make one of these, I feel better for listing it all, maybe now I can calm down a little.