[rant begin]

I started my math courses today.

i hate it.

math is not hard, it’s only hard in school. I mean that, they take it and make you do formula after formula that you ONLY USE IN SCHOOL.

this is not me whining cus I don’t want to do the work. I mean it, this is bullshit that I would have to waste my time with a bunch of algebra that I don’t understand and will never use. whoever is running “school” needs to realize the pointlessness of doing it this way. give me a bunch of really hard word problems, don’t make me work out a bunch of equations.

I’ll take back everything I just said and change my whole way of thinking if you can show me ONE TIME where ham was on sale for the square root of 5 a pound…. on wait, that never happens? well then I’ll just stay a stuborn whiney bitch them.

I declare shenanigans!

[end rant]