When we last left our heroes they began their first adult vacation by going to the local renfaire.

The next day Gabi and I headed into downtown Orlando and our first stop was lunch.

The Varsity is a staple of the Atlanta cityscape so it seemed a mandatory place to go.

The inside reminded me of the kinds of restaurants you see at Disney and universal.

This was not a bad thing at all, just an observation. Because everyone comes here it had to be geared for mass service.

They serve so many so quickly they even have a full buss parking lot.

We went on a fantastic day for it, the view of the city from here was great.

Varsity is right next to the fake Olympic torch, but unfortunately it was closed when we went to check it out.

So yea, if you get a chance you should totally go, they’re not playing around with their classic 50’s taste.

Mmmm onion ring grease…