Things have been going really well at work, and for the first time in my life I took a weeks paid vacation where I actually went places to relax!

Because Gabi and I have been below “just getting by” for the last few years we’ve never properly checked out the Atlanta area and spent our time to going to famous landmarks.

The first on our list was the Renaissance Festival

We picked a good day to go, just look at that sky!

It didn’t take us long to see like minded people..

It was too dark to take any pics, but we did go into the spook house to see how AZA compared.

On our way to that pirate ship (AZA is way better FYI) There were two red parrots right next to it.

For some reason Gabi was transfixed by them.

These two pics were not taken back to back, I had walked away and returned when I took the second was shot. (btw, I think this is adorable)

It’s dangous to go alone… take this.

A traveling kissing booth came by, she insisted on laying one on me. Lucky for me she also had gabi smooch the other side… yup, still got it!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I ALWAYS think of The Doctor when I see that specific shade of blue.

We also saw two live shows, the first being a tale from the middle east that was really witty.

And the other being by the FAMOUS TORTUGA TWINS! (all three of them)

They had a really funny show, there was humor for all ages.. mostly.

Yea, that was a lot of fun! We even finished the day properly !

So forsooth, did our grand adventure begin! Joinith us next time for more tales of the Staycation!