I know it’s old news, but I was recently reading Wil Wheaton’s reviews of Star Trek Season 1 and decided to watch the show myself.

(I randomly grabbed this screen while watching it on the iphone, it cracks me up)

I doubt it will be there forever, but you can see all the episodes of next gen and DS9 online.

It brought back a flood of memories. I remember that day in 1987 quite well, the Tampa Tribune had a full page ad of the crew and I had it sitting next to me chomping at the bit to see it.

and now, over 20 years later? It’s good.

I’m about half way done with season one and I liked all the episodes quite a bit even now. I don’t understand the hate the first few seasons get, especially for Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher.

So if you want some nostalgia check it out.