Back in 1994 my buddy Elvin and I had just gotten our drivers licenses and used our new found freedom to watch the new Star Trek movie… 13 times.


Yes, I saw this movie more times in the theater then any other film. No, I refused to acknowledge how bad it was for over a decade.

And to this day, I’m one of the only people who can watch it and quote just about every line.

Because this film was freedom, I could go watch it and no one could tell me not to. I spent my McDonald’s money and drove there my own damn self!

I had brought up this fun fact to know and share while Trey and I were painting the ceiling of my space ship, and that brought up the really fun alternate endings.

I mean think about it, you could really pull anyone from the Nexus if you thought about it.


I get a kick out of these videos every time I see them, and I’ve always wanted to make one myself.

If you could pull anyone from time and space to stop Dr Soren who would it be? Maybe if I agree I’ll make it happen.