I upgrade my computer all the time, but I’ve been using the same hard drive since about 2003. I knew this slowed my machine down, but had no idea how much until I finally replaced it with a new Solid State SATA drive a few weeks ago.

Solid state means that it has no moving parts and runs totally on memory chips. It’s basically a usb thumb drive with full throttle read ability.

As you can see it’s small enough to take up almost zero space in my giant rig AND HOLY CRAP IS IT FAST!

I can go from power on to running programs in 19 seconds on this badboy, since previously I had to wait over 5 minutes to load you can see why I’m excited about that.

Before I made this upgrade my Windows System Rating was 4.5 now it’s 7.9 we’re talking about a score based off your slowest part so that means I’m in good shape for some time.

I think pretty much any Solid State Drive would give this kind of boost but in case it makes a difference, what I’m using is the Intel 520 120 gig.

Some might find that on the small side, but it’s large enough for a single video project and when I’m done I move all the files to the slower but much larger NAS box downstairs. (sometimes I even edit directly off the NAS, it’s pretty fast in it’s own right)

So yea, that’s about it. I’m so impressed with the performance I doubt I will ever buy a spinning drive again.

Don’t get me wrong, I still use conventional sata drives, but that’s a post for another day… maybe tomorrow.. if you’re good.