I posted yesterday’s blog a few hours ago and was pretty happy with the results. After playing some video games I looked at it again and decided I wanted to tweak it just a bit before you guys woke up today and saw it.

Normally I would just change the picture and leave the post as it was, but this time it seemed like a fun thing to blog about so I’m making it today’s post.

The main difference is that I’ve added the scan lines that you see on the show anytime the characters are looking at a monitor. They also use this effect on all the merchandise and still art as generic background so I added it to mine.

I had meant to do that from the start, but it’s not an easy effect to do in illustrator. Luckily it is a standard transition in after effects called venetian blinds that will do it perfectly. Venetian blinds are designed for video transitions. Just like the wipes used in star wars it is suppose to remove one scene to reveal another behind it.

What you are actually seeing is two copies of the same picture. One is the original with the lines added, every other line reveals the picture below, which is a copy, but the brightness brought up about 100 percent. The effect is what you see on old TVs, but not at all on modern equipment. It looks so neat that you see the effect applied in almost every movie that wants it to be clear that you are seeing things from a TV point of view. I’ve used it before in my second branch video and I’ve been looking for an excuse to try it again.

The only other thing I changed was the shape of the picture. If you look at yesterdays post you’ll see that Gabi’s body had clean thick lines in the big picture, but jagged ones on the blog. This is because I screwed up the aspect ratio when I had photo bucket scale it down. This time I made sure to keep it at 16:9 so the lines stay smooth.

The more I look at it, the more I’m sure it was worth adjusting for your viewing pleasure. I think it makes the detailed full body art of the character stick out that much more, and that’s what I’m wanting you to look at. I’m especially proud of the shading job I did on it, and I think Gab Probbible would fit into the cartoon nicely. The only strike against her is that as a general rule only Kim has iris and pupils while everyone else just has colored dots. I knew that going in but since Gabi is the star of my spin off series, I thought that was appropriate to give her similar peepers

By the way, I realize that probable is not spelled correctly in the picture, but I swear to god I spell checked it and it didn’t come up wrong. I could have fixed it for this version but I decided not to. It’s not uncommon for surnames to be spelled strangely like wolfe or wilde so I figured this would be ok. Besides, it makes the logo look even more like the original Kim Possible one and that will make it easier to recognize when I put it in my portfolio.

I’m going to have a portfolio, and it’s going to have original artwork in it, how cool is that?