Now that I’m getting thin again it helps to have a goal to keep me moving. Since I joined the Sinestro Crops last year (screw you Hal Jordan) I thought a spandex Yellow Lantern suit would be a good fit for that.

I found a place I can order one for a great price, but they’ve been celebrating Chinese new year and I haven’t been able to place an order (for 2 freaking weeks agggh).

In the meantime, Gabi and I’ve been working on the accessories. Since we can’t afford yellow boots, we took some of my old boots and added yellow strings.

The laces are double fold bias tape that Gabi tacked down, and with one of her cupons it cost a dollar a boot. I didn’t think it was going to work, but Gabi was right and her being right always makes me happy.

Now all I need to do is get the costume and loose 15 more pounds. Both of those I’ll have done by Megacon…

which I won’t be going to because I have a gig that weekend…