You guys know how much I hate doing pointless math, but I have a good one for you.


I’m serious, they should have just called the damn thing RockBand 2: AFO edition.  Here’s a small list of things they fixed to make it more compatible with specifically what we do

* you can put it on no fail mode and no one needs to know you did it.  no more people jumping up to jam, failing then being stupid enough not to bring it down a difficulty because they failed… then failing again.

* you put in the code to unlock all songs once and anytime you need to use is you just go to the menu and put a check mark in a box. no more spending all year trying to unlock them all then always missing one or two.

* ALL of the songs from RB1, and all of the songs downloaded over the last year play using only the RB 2 disk. This is really great because switching disks during this kind of show can be a real pain because every other person wants the other disk in.

*the drum kit is now wireless so I don’t have to use any clever ways to get it to run back to the swag anymore

like I said, this is the short list, They’ve done a lot of minor tweaks too like make the drum kit more stable so I don’t have to tape it down, and adding my all time favorite songs to the list, I’m not kidding, all time favorite.

yea it’s going to be a good year for rocking out, I can’t wait to beta test this stuff at megacon.