myspace has been good to me, but with my new site online, I think it’s time to start shutting it down.

I’ll continue to post for a month, maybe more, but soon it will only get updates for Wacko Reviews, and that’s only because the site I upload it to will post it here for me automatically.


I’m glad I had the page, without it I would never have been able to create my new site and Gabi and I are able to look back and see all the things we’ve done together in a way most people never will.

That is priceless not just to me, but even to future generations that want to know what life was like without their mental implants. But the page being on myspace is now more trouble then it is worth and it’s time to migrate.

The main reason is control.  Myspace is a closed system that does not even let me backup my posts.  I do have backups of all two and a half years of posting, but it wasn’t like myspace wanted me to.  I had to pay another site to crawl around and get it.

The new site offers me compete control in when, where, and how people can see each posts. It also lets anyone looking at the site to cross reference them whenever they would like by name, tag, and content making the entire site more valuable.

I could update both pages at the same time, but not only would that be a pain in the ass in times when I’m away from a normal computer, the new site has pre posting ability so I don’t even have to be around to have it update at midnight on any given day.

Finally, you may notice that myspace is covered in ads!  My new site has one set of ads on the left hand side and I get paid for them.  Having readers there would make me loose money, however small.

There are easy ways to get notified every time I make a new posts.  This entry is getting long so tomorrow I’ll give you a step by step in how to do that.