Last week I watched season 2 of Steven Moffit’s Sherlock. I figured out the ending pretty quick, and when I looked it up to confirm I found that Moffit was pleased with himself that no one had gotten close, that there was a clue that no one noticed.

Forgive, but the solution is rather elementary so I’d like to share it with you now.

I don’t consider that Holmes faked his death to be spoiler by the way, every version of this tale ends with him doing that, it’s always how he did it that’s secret.

We see Sherlock jump off the roof of a hospital and Watson is the witness to his suicide. Right after this jump a random biker bumps into John and from then on things get really dizzy and disjointed.

this is what John thinks he sees.

but for just a few frames we are shown what he actually sees.

If you’re having trouble compare Sherlock’s super light blue eyes to Moriarty’s obsidian black ones.

Sherlock got one of his homeless network to drug John with the H.O.U.N.D. toxin that makes you see your worst fears, so instead of Moriarty he sees his friend. (You can see the blood is coming from the gunshot wound in his head)

The body is taken into the hospital where Molly no doubt assisted Holmes to continue the miss-identification.

It really is that simple, I don’t know why John didn’t figure out since he had been drugged before.

Can’t wait for the next season to come out so I can point back to this as proof that I’m clever!