On saturday Gabi and I went over to Andy’s for his Halloween party that is neither eewey nor goowey.  We called ahead and found out that Allen was dressed in his Arther Dent, so I decided to go dressed as Allen.


sure, it’s not super accurate, but it was funny as hell.


I had slippers too, but I forgot to put them on for the photo.

We stayed their past midnight, so I ended up starting my birthday there.  When I got home I played some more portal before finally going to bed at 7am.  When I woke up that afternoon, Gabi went out and bought me a bunch of treats that I ate with reckless abandon.

I got a whole platter of saltys and sweets and washed it down with orange juice, root bear and coke… at the same time!


She also got me that shirt, it’s the most subtle super man reference I’ve ever seen, and fitting since I’m in school.

Later on that night she made me a steak

It was super tasty.


It was a fantastic weekend over all, but Sunday really made it awesome. I still have an upset stomach because of it!

Tomorrow I start the second month of digital editing and I’ll have access to the footage I shot last week.  I hope to make some screen grabs of it for you.