So last nights showing of Plan 9 was amazing!

I didn’t think I could go originally so it was awesome when Brinson and Trey were able to come with on such short notice.


When we first arrived there was no one at all in the theater, and I was worried that this would be the last Rifftrax live because of it.


Once we were closer to showtime it filled up nicely!


It was good to see my favorite movie on the big screen again, and the image was quite clear!


The only thing I would have changed was shot of the riffers was on the wrong side, they kept looking the the movie to their right when we sot the movie to their left. I’m pretty sure this is something they fixed on future live shows.


After the show we met up with some other fans.


It turns out there is a group of like-minded folks that go to things like this, so hopefully there will be more geeky adventures soon.