James, Rosie, and I went to the Rockband demo that was happening at FullSail. Given that we have done a rockband-like setup at AFO for the last few years, just going wasn’t enough and we wanted to do a theme like we do at all our live shows, this ended up getting us reported in the local news.


James and Rosie came up with the idea of doing black suits and a Weezer song.


I wore strange outfits to school all the time, so I jumped right on board with that.




It turns out this was a fantastic idea because, while our playing was not very good, our presentation was the best there. This got noticed by the few reporters who were covering the event as well as the rockband staff. The school news service – propeller – featured us first



That’s right, our band got mentioned by name!

I’m not actually surprised that we were featured in all the stories of the event, not because I think we’re all that, but because I could tell the reaction of all the reporters covering the story. It’s not that they were blown away or anything, just that they seemed pleased to finally have a band to photograph that wasn’t wearing a halo 3 shirt. No one wants to see that at the top of a news article.

This is a good lesson to learn, presentation goes a long way. Never be afraid to over do it cus you never know who’s going to dig it.

I ended up wearing that suit to that days lecture and got a lot of complements on it. Evidently the old saying is true. “nothing drives the girls more crazy then a sharp dressed Wacko.”

James sent me the pictures from his camera here’s the best shots.

We got some cool swag while we were there. bumperstickers, Tshirts for James and I, and drumsticks for rosie. woot!

The whole virtual band thing is actually getting pretty popular. It’s to the point now where I have more people wanting to be in it then I can handle. I honestly have to have audtions for this years show. isn’t that weird?